bookish mood: vintage classics

Simply put: I adore Vintage Classics. What is being sold on American bookshelves--I believe and witness--are an older line of production; recent but not the latest, which can be previewed on their website, linked above. But I'm positively in love with the cover designs; here are two themes:
Fyodor Dostoevsky: Minimalism
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Lackadaisical
From the Vintage Classics 2010 collection, I'm especially digging Vintage Hardy (simplistic lifestyle), Vintage Twain (carefree sketch), Vintage Vonnegut (I find that all Vonnegut covers tend to do Vonnegut justice--these are modern fun and particularly even more colourful than Dial Press Trade), and even Vintage Austen is alluring.  They all range differently price-wise but on Amazon, they're about the same price as Oxford World's Classics, which are also a package of excellent cover presentation. The newest Vintage papercovers came out in 2010, Oxford in 2009, and all are sweet temptations for my wallet and a great motivator to help reach my ever-constant-goal of reaching 50 novels a year.

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Diandra said...

yes their collections and designs are so awesome