leningrad cowboys go america (1989): just wanna be a rockstar baby

Closing off 2011 with Leningrad Cowboys Go America--if not belated since I watched this before I went to England. Finnish director, Aki Kaurismäki introduces a bizarrely wonderful crossover between cold war Eastern European culture and western pop culture, in the form of fictitious band, The Leningrad Cowboys. With their obtusely exaggerated pompadours, ridiculous pointy shoes, ill-fitting suits, over-the-top oompah folk music turned to versatile blues-rock-country-ska-you-name-it-they-play-it scene; they were a great resurrection parody nod to the American rock o'roll scene of the fifties. They move to the US, following their shady manager in dreams of becoming as big as their pompadours, only to find out that Mexico is their destination for "their kind of music." Hopping from roadhouse to biker saloon, the film takes us on a surreal, quirky adventure through the US, through old-time rock o'roll and a droll sense of deadpan humor.

The Leningrad Cowboys were actually the Sleepy Sleepers in real life--that is until they became the Leningrad Cowboys after the movie took off.

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yessss one of my favorite movies.

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