"This is hella bamf shit!!!" pretty much sums up the entirety of this AMAZING SPECTACLE OF VISUAL EYE-WONDER OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. And it's pretty much impossible to NOT write about this film without utilizing PERMANENT CAPS-LOCK KEY, abusing the shift + 1 key over and over, and lack of grammatical structure!!! REDLINE takes SPACE RACING to an entirely different DIMENSION of speed and utter anarchy! We're in some alternative universe, filled with creatures and mechanisms that would put the fastest bullet trains today to shame. These machines are made of fucking biceps, triceps, quadraceps and any muscle that could be possibly mechanized and turned into the toughest type of metallic metal enforcement EVER! They're not cars; they're not space jets; they're FIERCE BEASTS, armed with missiles and gadgets all ready to assist in a dirty win, guns that would make Saddam Hussein weep, engines that apparently go up to 35,000 horsepower and throttle your brains to a sobbing, dripping mess.....you might want to invest in some gas-protection-thick goggles to save your eyeballs and tearducts. Then there's the exterior terrorist dictatorship universe of Roboworld: biological weapon called FUNKY BOY, which is on another platform of obtuse militarism, and hyper-disengaging cannons (or something close to that), akin to atom bombs enhanced with intense laser guns to the 1000th power. Did I mention steroidal chemical substances that don't even exist but could probably just wipe out the face of our planet this day? Yeah, don't think the universe today can handle this much power. It was THE RIDE OF MY LIFE; possibly my favourite film of 2010 so far. EXPLOSIVE.

(FYI: Katsuhito Ishii (Kill Bill Vol.1) and Takeshi Koike (Animatrix) hand-animated this over the span of five years. You can find the summarization here to read about possible mentions of a plot.)

Too many caps? NEVER. But it's a way better justice to VIEW THE TRAILER HERE, a 1 minute glimpse into the 100 MINUTE EPIC FIREWORKS SHOW that is REDLINE.


Diandra said...

awwww I wish I could have joined you
argh space and time and logistics

lol my word verification word is "forever"

rebecca said...

I know! You would have digged it so much too! (that's not the right tense of dig, isn't it...)

Does blogspot trying to send a subliminal message that I'm not going to see you for a very, very long time???