thirty days of sharing: day fifteen

15. a fanfic

Oh man, why am I so excited for this one? Maybe it's because I have TWO that I want to just gush over, ridiculously and possibly without any reason except for its utter sweetness. But I will be good and choose one. If you're curious about my runner-up, leave a comment and I'll link you.

Theories about Nuclear Winter (Calvin and Hobbes)
Summary wraps it up as "When Calvin finally sorts out his feelings for Susie his timing is not great," which is more or less the understatement of it all. Our childhood comic figures are now teenagers in high school, Calvin's smart but academically unmotivated, Susie's a book nerd, sharp yet sensitive at the same time, and Hobbes is still there in the background, an ever-comfortable, familiar presence. It's a beautiful story, a really sweet interpretation of Calvin and Susie as they are now older, attempting to grab at the loose wiry strands of their prescient teenage emotional tumult; why is that, years ago as snot-picking kids, they couldn't stand each others' guts but now, they pretend to ignore each other based on some ridiculous silent insecurity...

As a child who bought Calvin and Hobbes comics in excess, this was almost a ten years later sort of scenario for an older me. The first time I read it, I found it incredibly cute, because truly it is. The second time I read it was just a week (or two?) after I came back from England/Rome, after Jon and I decided to be together. While I did not think I could possibly love the story any more, the inevitable happened: I did. Every little heart-felt sentiment Calvin felt reverberated in me as a reflection of Jon and let me tell you, this line that encapsulates everything:
"And that's why he loves her, she just knows."
...It's something incredible that some amazing writer out there knows what it feels like. Shmoop, shmoop, shmoop; I didn't mean to turn this into a freaking emotion-dripping exposition on me (not a teenager anymore though) but it has a personal touch. This story kind of affects me, whilst to say I do act against my inner sentimentality a lot. :)


bf said...

This story made me cry, did I mention that when I recommended it? I don't even have a Jon, and I still cried. (My email is going to tell me about this Jon character, right?)

Haname said...


I will read the story, even though I don't know much about Calvin and Hobbes, just because you made it sound way to adorable.

rebecca said...

Dude Emily, I can't believe you've never read C&H comics as a kid! But yes, read the story and then make sure C&H is part of your life!

Haname said...

Started the story and it is legitimately awesome. Don't know who this author is, but they should be a published professional.

Also, seeing you lovesick is extremely wonderful and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

rebecca said...

I know, it's freaking precious spelled out individually with an embellishment at the end. Argh!!! Lovesick be damned!