two films at the end of my undergrad career

Three months ago, I collaborated with Chinatown Community Development Center in San Francisco to make a video for them--for them to use something fun and interactive and interesting for their fundraising kick-offs or special events.  I screened this on Chinatown CDC's Fundraising Kick-Off on April 28th:

Yesterday night, I screened my last short narrative, Walt Mack & Gatz, at the ATA with the rest of my 16 mm class and Motion Graphics.  If I had $350, a crew of 15 people, I would have done it on 16 mm but alas, I don't have that luxury.  Walt, Mack & Gatz is inspired by the ever awesome Misery Bear (which I've blogged about a month ago or two), following three little fellows unsupervised and up to no good.  Enjoy!

*Both videos were filmed on Panasonic HPX.

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