the revisiting series: firenze

As it is commonly heard among all enthusiast young student travelers, "if I had more money, I would go all over the world."  Luckily endowed with the opportunity to study abroad for the first four months of 2010 and then work abroad the summer of the same year, I was by no means moseying around with pockets full of cash and wealth.  But to the best of my ability and stringent budgeting, I managed to visit several places, cities, and towns that have left a lasting, memorable impression in my life.

It is now 2011 and the only place I've gone to is England to visit my lovely boyfriend, given that I'm still financially recovering from last year's adventures.  So here's a visual return, a nostalgic sigh and toast, to those past visits!

Firenze, Italy
6 February 2010 - 7 February 2010

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