"Comforting Sounds" (2003): To the Outer Realm

When I first sat down to listen to Danish band, Mew's, "Comforting Sounds" (as recommended by the brilliant brilliantinemortality!), I was situated at a 27 inch IMac with huge Sony headphones plastered to my head at my university's ever-so providing media labs before class. It was one of the best musical experiences I have had for a while, ever since rediscovering the famed Ziggy Stardust album of our ever sparkly companion, David Bowie.

The last track, as helpfully described to be a 'magnum opus', of Frengers follows a similar structure as Death Cab's "Transatlanticism" but in an even further ethereal motion and emotive expanse. Its deceiving simplicity takes one from physical and corporeal, sending the mind to the fringes of another reality, otherworldly universe of dreams and the intangible. There is something about this track that for me, automatically connects to the image of laying in sprawling meadows under a deep, deep midnight blue sky with stars that never seem to fade. In regards to orchestration, the accompaniment of its slow, swelling contrast to the drums and guitars but still making a delightful duet with the vocals of Jonas Bjerre, occupies an intriguing space within the song; it plays with the psychological and affects the interior in such a way that you just don't want the last few minutes to ever end. To me, there is something eerily beautiful about it all; creepy dolls and animals in the background and all.

Mew performing "Comforting Sounds" live in Copenhagen, 2005:

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