thirty days of sharing: day twenty-two

22. a website
Orisinal Games

Want to procrastinate and binge on uber-cuteness at the same time? Orisinal is the place to be (though for the longest time, I thought it was 'Original Games'). Adorable graphics, accompanied by equally adorable game soundtrack, these mini games are sure to distract you from a night's worth of productivity. Don't click on the link unless you really have nothing to do...or if you're really that keen to not do anything for a few hours. :)

This has nothing to do with anything but Jon's birthday package arrived this past weekend on one of the hottest days of the month. My room has been invaded and swamped by the cologne of Jon. Earl Grey did well for a while but now it has been knocked down. I also think I might be allergic to indecently copious amounts of this stuff, hence, the all sorts of wonky my eyes have been yesterday and this morning.


Haname said...

Jon was so cute planning all your birthday stuff. I assured him you would be totally bowled over and I hope I was proved correct!

Haname said...

btw let me know when you get my present!

rebecca said...

*Laughs* I think the way to put it was that I was knocked down. By the indecently copious amounts of cologne that swept into my room once the package was opened.

No, no, but I really love it. I love how he knows I love Spot. That's a lot of love right there but then last night on Tumblr, I wrote I LOVE...[some random German national team thing] ten billion times, so...