thirty days of sharing: day twenty-five

25. your day, in great detail

Ooo, these are tough. Well, today was the long, delayed Mackenzie and Rebecca date. The car has been all sorts of suicidal and pulled one on me by excreting green liquid at the gas pump last week. But it has been fixed! And I drove into the city, found myself tackling parallel parking on a hill in the Castro district...and the girls hit lunch at Firewood where we got giant salads, which we took ...something ridiculous long to consume.

Mainly because there were a many things to catch up on. I can't discuss this part in detail because well, hello there, public blog. But it's nice to have a lengthy conversation between girls, catching up personally and everything.

After a few hours in the city, in order to have a head-start over transbay traffic, which is awful, I zoomed back but unfortunately met up with some car-jam up before the bridge. Chilling here with some Jamaican Ginger Beer, listening to some Ella Fitzgerald....the weather has been glorious....mmm, I think I can use a nap.


Haname said...

Surely not the same Mackenzie as from Rome?

rebecca said...

Surely the same Mackenzie from Rome!

Haname said...

Does she live nearby?

rebecca said...

Castro district in SF; she lives on the giant hill that I was tackling 90 degree parking...I wrote parallel...but I meant 90 degree whoops. :)

Mackenzie said...

That was a much needed girl's day out. I miss you, love! I can't wait to hear all about China!!!