thirty days of sharing: day thirteen

13. a fictional book
Day thirteen only?! I feel like I've been doing this for a way longer time. Nevertheless, I have been looking at rereading the above-mentioned novel yesterday when I realized that perhaps, my Stephen Fry books might have finally arrived in the mail! And they did! But that doesn't stop me from entertaining the thought of reading The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay again.

Joe Kavalier, trained in the arts of Houdini, smuggles himself to New York City from Nazi-infested Prague and joins up with his cousin Sammy Clay in being co-heads of their own comic book of superheroes. The plot is magnificent, romance not overtly sentimental but still expands on emotional depth, and its tale is truly as exciting as a romp through one's own imagination of living in a universe of heroes, endowed with superpowers. This book concreted my feelings towards Chabon's work and it really is quite a fascinating piece of work.

" 'To me, Clark Kent in a phone booth and Houdini in a packing crate, they were one and the same thing...you weren't the same person when you came out as when you went in. Houdini's first magic act, you know, back when he was just getting started. It was called «Metamorphosis.» It was never just a question of escape. It was also a question of transformation.' " (3)

- Sammy Clay, learnedly expounding at WonderCon or Angoulême or to the editor of The Comics Journal

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Haname said...

YAY! I keep trying to get Matt to read this...