a blank slate you say?

Yeah, it's kind of empty except for Eugene Sledge occupying the bottom part and a newly prettified sidebar.

For the longest time (meaning since its birth), I have not an idea of what I should fill this space up with: travels? blank thoughts on academia? "cultural arts"? random things I find intriguing/hilarious? nonsensical crap? Can't even say that the most remote sense of sentimentality won't sneak its disruptive way into here. Deleted it but I originally posted a sickeningly sweet photo of my 15-year-old Spot plushie cuddling with Jon's handkerchief, celebrating its 25th birthday this 2010. (The horrifyingly crazy thing: Jon has the exact same Spot; I shouldn't even be surprised now but I am.) Sickeningly is the keyword still.

I shrug at the prospect of anything that will be produced here but this shrug of a shoulder is going to last for a pretty damn long time.

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